Propolis Extract 100 Ampoule Set - 3x10ML

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Brand Ramosu
Ramosu - Propolis Extract 100 Ampoule Set - 3x10ML

- MAINTAIN A HEALTHY SKIN CARE CYCLE - An ideal skin cycle consists of 14 days of cell generation, and 14 days of cell shedding - Keep that cycle consistent.

- KEEP YOUR MAKE UP LOOKING FRESH AND NEW - Ramosu Propolis Extract is great for improving the appearance of makeup - keeping it look natural and not cakey

- KEEP YOUR SKIN YOUTHFUL -- EVEN AFTER 30! As you age, your skin cycle slows, and skin cells shed less often, causing an again appearance. Use our Propolis Extract to keep your cycle on track!

- MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY HIVES FOR MAXIMUM USE - Bees coat the interior of their hives with propolis to keep their hives clean - use the same vitamins and minerals to keep your face healthy
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