Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100 Ampoule Set - 3x10ML

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Brand Ramosu
Ramosu -Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100 Ampoule Set - 3x10ML

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract concentrate serum with aloe vera extract is designed to soothe irritated skin. The product with a light refreshing texture gives the skin an instant feeling of comfort, relieves itching and soreness, and reduces redness.

The serum contains 100% aloe vera, natural, environmentally friendly, incredibly beneficial to the skin. Aloe extract has a pronounced moisturizing and soothing effect, restores damaged skin, accelerates the healing of acne and other inflammations, both superficial and deep, and prevents the appearance of new ones. Thanks to polysaccharides and amino acids, aloe vera forms an invisible film on the skin that protects against UV damage.

Also, aloe vera has the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, which leads to an increase in skin elasticity and firmness, to smooth wrinkles, and slows down skin aging.
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